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Who should advertise in

Anyone who wants Nepalis as customers should advertise in


Why should you advertise in


  • is one of the fastest growing sites dedicated to Nepal and Nepalis.

  • Our ads are optimized for the highest ROI (Return on Investment)
    We do more than slap a banner that links to your site.
    We can make the banners contextual in nature if you prefer.
    Let's see an example of what we mean. Let's say you are an immigration lawyer in New York city. We can setup an ad that shows only to members who are in the New York city area. We can even focus ads by the geographic location, age of the member, sex (male or female) and more.

  • We provide multiple ways to advertise.
    People are blind to the typical ad techniquest these days.
    This is called "banner blindness".
    Banners are not dead, but there do have to be used in innovative ways for the maximum CTR (Click Through Rate).

    Here are a couple of methods available currently.
    a. Regular banners in various locations throughout the site.

    b. Top right hand corner page peel.

    c. Headerboard Flash in the homepage.

    d. Business Directory Listing

    e. Product Listing

    f. We can show your ad in a pop up.

    g. We can also incorporate your ads in our Facebook Page
    or in some of our Facebook Applications.

    f. Real Estate Listing



How much does it cost to advertise in

The prices for advertisement depends on 3 factors.

a. The type of advertisement
Is it a simple banner only in homepage?
Which other pages should the banner go to?
Will it include a Business Listing page?
How about the Page Peel Ad on the top right corner of the page?
...and more..

b. The duration of the ad.
Business Listing is by the year.
Real Estate Listing is by the month.
Product Listing is by 6 months or a year.
The rest of the ads are monthly.
We do provide a small discount if you purchase the monthly ad spaces for a longer period at once.

c. Time of the year.
We are a new site in terms of our activity and the advertisement system is very new. Obviously the prices in the earlier months are going to be lesser. As our traffic increases the prices for ads are going to go up.



Please visit the Advertise on section of our forum for more details.

_Ad Examples

Here are some of the examples of where you can advertise on


Banner Advertisement Example
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Page Peel Advertisment Example
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Business Listing Example
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