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2478 days ago 18 comments Categories: Interesting Tags: miracle-babies
Ten Weird Miracle Human Babies Everyday, hundreds of thousands of babies are born and most of them are considered normal. Rarely, there are cases where that babies are some form of abnormalities. Some
2476 days ago 17 comments Categories: Interesting Tags: social-media
The scope of social media is widening everywhereDo you have a Facebook account? If you do, you are a part of the growing mass-estimated at nearly 600,000 in the fail of last year of Nepalese with prof
2475 days ago 13 comments Categories: Nepal News Tags: nepal-hydropower
At the rate Nepal is going, it won’t reach its hydropower ‘potential’ for almost 200 years.The true capacity of Nepal to generate hydroelectricity has to be realistic and based on projections of avail
2476 days ago 13 comments Categories: Nepal Platform Tags: nepal-platform
  Our increasing dependence on oil is going to make us more and more miserableStone in the first bite (pahilo ganns mai dhunga), a Kathmandu-base blog, Haamrakura, quipped about the formation of Jhala
2486 days ago 11 comments Categories: Funny Tags: some-fun
Question. When FaceBook, MySpace and Twitter merge into one super social networking company what will it be called? Answer. They will call it "My Twit Face."   ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Some true
2486 days ago 11 comments Categories: time-pass Tags: idiot
Idiot goes to heaven Three men a philosopher, a mathematician and an idiot, were out riding in the car when it crashed into a tree.Before anyone knows it, the three men found themselves standing befor
2475 days ago 10 comments Categories: Educational Tags: planets-galire
Not that long ago, the possibility of finding planets outside our solar system was merely theoretical. In 1995, astronomers began to be able to detect Jupiter-sized “exoplanets” by their gravitational
2487 days ago 10 comments Categories: Interesting Tags: public_restroom_signs
Here are Some Pictures of Funny Public Toilet Signs which seems Interesting to me, look them at post your opinon.
2288 days ago 9 comments Categories: Entertainment Tags: jyotsna's poem
Infinity is a mistake. A paradox. Split between a 0 and 1. something Divide by nothingIn the infinite magic is forbidden, is what lies beyond, is the other. It is a constant, the universe is at a stan
2476 days ago 9 comments Categories: Note of Dissent Tags: raise-children
More debate is needed on how best to raise childrenChildren don't come with instruction manual. There may be plenty of books that espouse the 'ideal' way to raise children-some backed by scientific re
2487 days ago 9 comments Categories: time-pass Tags: humer
Joke: A Bengali and a Punjabi In ICU A man was brought in to the hospital intensive care ward, put in a bed, tubes coming out everywhere. A week later, another man was admitted, in a similar condition
2520 days ago 9 comments Categories: Interesting Tags: money, life
Who says money is nothing? I know this will be the most raised question in this 21st century from most of the people if anybody says “Money is nothing in Life.” actually, for me money is nothing but i
2522 days ago 9 comments Categories: Business Tags: business, jokes
What Is Business..? Dad: I Want U 2 Marry A Girl Of My Choice. Son: No! Dad: The Girl Is Bill Gates? Daughter. Son: Then Ok! Dad Goes 2 Bill Gates? Dad: I Want Ur Daughter 2 Marry My Son. Bill Gates
2476 days ago 8 comments Categories: Interesting Tags: Astrology Condom Designs
Astrology Condom Designs People love sex and zodiac predictions, so why not mix the two? Unfortunately the funny-looking Astrology Condoms are the product of a very small Japanese company called Yamas
2528 days ago 8 comments Categories: Love Tags: love
फेसबुकमा एकजना साथीले ट्याग गरेको लभलेटर साह्रै घत पर्‍यो । यहाँ राखेको छु ब्लगमा फेसबुकमा ट्याग हुन छुट्नुभयो भने पढ्नुहोला भनेर । कक्षा १’बी’ को मिक्कीले केजी’ए’को रूमीलाई पठाएको प्रेमपत्र । स्रोत अ
2302 days ago 7 comments Categories: Scary Tags:
Hi, Mommy. I'm your baby. You don't know me yet, I'm only a few weeks old. You're going to find out about me soon, though, I promise. Let me tell you some things about me. My name is John, and I've g
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