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There are a lot of Massage Centers in thamel.

but its only the name massage - actually illegal sexual activities are done in the name of massage.

there are many girls in the Thamel massage centers who are the sex workers over there.

Do u know this fact?

If yes why not govt. taking any action against them?

and what kind of action should be taken on those Thamel Massage Centers?

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Prostitution is one of the oldest profession in the world. It is here to stay. It might hide behind different businesses but it is here to stay.


Even in relatively stricter countries like Pakistan there is prostitution. I swear there was a video here somewhere that showed prostitution in Pakistan.


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prostitution in Pakistan - no no.....


u must be joking.


if there is the video, then why don't u have place the link?


comment here only if u have the proof.


otherwise not...


sorry vj

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its hard to believe that there is also prostitution in Pakistan.

Pakistan girls used burka to cover their faces and there is also prostitution in Pakistan.

in such condition does that burka works in their society?

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I din't  know there was prosititution in Pakistan either.

How the hell did you find this video man?

Did you go around searching for prostitution in Pakistan?




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My back is killing me. May be I should go to Nepal. Wink

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action of RED light area is good

everyone have their right to live


Red light area in safe zone


we have to mange and think about sex tourism also

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5 years ago I was in Amsterdam as a tourist. Most of us know Amsterdam has a legal red light district and legal soft drug shops.

I went with my wife and kid. I was surprised how families with kids were walking around in the red light district.

I even saw an Indian family (I think they were Indians) with two little kids walking around looking at the prostitutes.

Here is an amateur video that shows couples walking around as regular tourists just for viewing the famous/infamous red light district of Amsterdam



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