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Promise Tamang Phan - A Youtube Sensation
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Promise Tamang Phan - A Youtube Sensation



Search for Promise Tamang in NepalNepal and you will find a couple of videos.



So why write about her ?

Because everyone seems to be confused about who she is.

Check out the comments on this video.

At a quick glance, some actually thought she was Kim Kardashian.
The video is titled "Sexy Kim Kardashian Curls".
That does not mean that's Kim.


It's Promise Tamang Phan teaching you how you can do curls like those of Kim Kardashian.

Hence the title "Kim Kardashian Curls".


Anyway, here's here Facebook Page.


Here is her Facebook Profile

It's says clearly in her profile that she's from Kathmandu, Nepal.


From what I have read, she is married to Michelle Phan's brother Steve Phan.
I knew neither Michelle Phan nor Promise Tamang Phan before.
My wife is a big fan of both watches their make up tutorial videos on Youtube all the time - and that's how I came to know these beauties.
In case you don't know who Michelle Phan is, here is a Wikipedia link.




Let me leave you with Promise doing an Angelina Jolie look alike.





I am not a fan of make up tutorials but if you ask me, she is pretty good.

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I am glad someone put it to rest once and for all.

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Thanks for article Quads.

I had a feeling you were going to write about Promise.

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Q do you know where she lives right now? She's not in UK is she?

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Q do you know where she lives right now? She's not in UK is she?


I saw one of her recent outdoor video and it looked like US.

But besides that, I am not sure where she is.

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