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Is free?
Yes. is absolutely free.
What can I do once I become a member?

As a member you can do the following:

Can I hide my real name and email?
Yes you can. We do not display the email address and the last name at all.
How do I contact other members if I cannot see their email address?
You can use the internal email that does not require a real email address. Simply visit the profile page of the person you wish to contact and click the Contact button.
What is avatar?
Avatar is a picture that you want related to you you through out the site. You might have many personal picture but the avatar is that one picture that will show whenever you post on a forum or blog or comment.
I see some spammers in the forums and blogs. How do I contact the admin?
You can contact the admin by clicking the contact us link found at the bottom of every page. Some of the media pages also have a [Report] button that you could use to contact the admin.
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