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15.03.2011 (1630 Days Ago)
My Country Nepal.....
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Top 10 Tourist Places In Nepal
Top 10 Tourist Places In Nepal
1630 days ago 0 comments Categories: Nepal Tags: nepal pokhara lumbini bhaktapur


Top 10 Tourist Places In Nepal


1. Katmandu - The capital town of Nepal – Katmandu was once inaccessible however currently represents the cultural hub of the country. simply walking through the streets of this culturally made capital will enrich you with the history, nobility and religion that the individuals in Nepal are famous for. If you're in Nepal for a few journey, this can be the place where everything starts, from trekking to rafting to varied different sports, you'll begin your exhilarating Journey here.


2. Royal Chitwan National Park - The Royal Chitwan National Park is house to a lot of that forty five0 species of birds and 45 species of amphibians and reptiles and forty three totally different species of mammals. Guided jungle walks are organized from time to time and you'll conjointly explore the wild by taking a safari drive


3. Nagarkot - Nagarkot is found at a distance of thirty two km from Katmandu and is that the best place to urge a read of the large Himalayan vary. a glance out tower at Nagarkot can offer you with a 360 degree read of the Himalayan vary likewise because the lovely Katmandu valley. Early risers can have an excellent time here, because the sunrise could be a should await all those that love nature and therefore the gifts it brings.


4. Pokhara - Pokhara isn't simply meant for those who are seeking journey however is additionally meant for those who have return all the thanks to Nepal for a few peach of mind. Pokhara is also located two hundred km from Khatmandu however is that the purpose at that journey sports like trekking and rafting take a drastic flip. Trekking along the Seti Gandaki River and rafting along the Phewa lake will offer for a liberating expertise. A sneak peek into the Mahendra caves also are a requirement do once you are here.


5. Pashupatinath Temple - The Pashupatinath Temple is one among the foremost scared places in Nepal. it's a Hindu temple and is held in nice regard by Hindus in Nepal. it's believed that if one is cremated at the Pashupatinath Temple and if the ashes are scattered into the Bagmati River, the person can receive salvation and can be purged from the vicious cycle of rebirth.


6. Patan - Just on a daily basis in Patan will assist you familiarize yourself with the traditional design, traditions and varied crafts of Nepal. it's known to be one among the oldest cities within the Kathmandu valley and simply walking round the town can lead you to believe that you simply are walking through a museum.


7. Wildlife Reserve of Koshi Tappu - The wildlife reserve of Koshi Tapu could be a excellent spot for a few bird watching. January, February and March is that the best time to go to this reserve. a visit to the present wildlife reserve is typically accompanied with jeep drives, a trek to Bhutan or Sikkim, rafting in Sunkosi and jungle walks.


8. Lumbini - Lumbini could be a excellent spot to indulge in the history of Nepal. once you return to Lumbini you'll be enveloped by an aura of peace and tranquillity. Meditation ground temples and therefore the stupas can send you to an area that's near Buddha.


9. Bhaktapur - Bhaktapur is found east of Kathmandu and is an ancient city. The scenery is gorgeous and your trip to Nepal shouldn't finish while not a style of Bhaktapur’s hand-crafted curd.


10. Royal Bardia National Park - The Royal Bardia National Park is that the biggest national park within the region. it's home to the last known elephants that were in captivity and it's conjointly home to a nummer of mammals, birds, reptiles, tigers and deer.


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