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About Us is the 1st pur Nepali Social Network site. It was created to bridge the gap among Nepalese living worldwide. Although the Nepali community can be seen connected through various other sites that include chat and forum functionalities, NepalNepal has created a true community environment by bringing all possible forms of communication in one place.

Once you become a member in you can make friends, share media such as photos, videos, audio etc. You can participate in direct live communication with other members through chat (video and audio enabled by the way), or you can connect through internal email system. You may also participate in group discussion through blogs and forums.

The site has many more functions that you can take advantage of and more is coming soon.

Why NepalNepal instead of simply using Facebook or Hi5 or Myspace or Orkut or one of the thousand other social networks out there?
Because those sites are too broad and simply cannot focus on Nepal and Nepalis as can.

Without further ado, please sign up if you have not and stay connected.

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